Requirements for Certification

Teacher Certification Program Students are required to:

  • Attend all 13 TCP workshops.

  • Read and write reports on each book on the comprehensive required reading list.

  • Tour and write a report on at least 3 obstetrical facilities in the region.

  • Attend 3 births and complete a labor observation report for each one.

  • Attend 2 breastfeeding support groups and complete a breastfeeding support group/La Leche League report.

  • Audit a complete childbirth education series given by a CEA-certified instructor.

  • Co-teach a childbirth education series with a CEA-certified instructor.

  • Volunteer 12 hours for CEA/MNY or other groups within the birthing community.

  • Complete a take-home final exam.

  • Write a comprehensive syllabus for a childbirth education, newborn care and breastfeeding series of classes.