Teacher Certification Program FAQs

Who can attend workshops?

Workshops* are open to anyone. You do not have to be a CEA member or a part of our Teacher Certification Program (TCP.) If you are thinking of applying to the program, workshops attended up to six months prior to submitting your application count towards certification. Workshops are discounted for CEA/MNY members.

* The final two workshops of the season, “Teaching Techniques” and “Public Speaking,” are only open to those students in the TCP who have already attended all the other workshops and are the final stages of the certification process.

Can I just take one workshop?

Yes. Those in the Teacher Certification Program students must attend all 13 workshops for certification.

How do I join the Teacher Certification Program?

Submit an application along with three personal/professional recommendations.

The TCP Committee will review your application, schedule an interview and then notify you about acceptance.

Can I join any time?

Yes. The series of workshops runs September through June but you can apply and start the program at any time.

How long does certification take?

It is possible for a highly motivated individual to complete the program in one year.  Most trainees complete the program within two years. It is possible to request a one year extension but we encourage TCPs to try and complete the requirements within a two-year time frame.

How is the Teacher Certification Program different from other certifying programs?

Please read “What is Cooperative Childbirth” to learn specifically what our philosophy is and how we differ from some of the other programs. One unique aspect of CEA/MNY’s program is that it’s a rigorous, one to two year program that thoroughly prepares graduates to move right into a career in teaching childbirth classes, newborn care and breastfeeding classes. Our program has also been used as a stepping stone or continuing education for individuals pursuing careers in midwifery, public health or the maternal child health field. We are also a regional organization so students are given specific, local career guidance and support.

Can I talk to other people who have done the certification program?

Of course! Please email the TCP coordinators at and ask to speak with a current TCP or recent graduate of the program. You may also come to one of our workshops and meet students and teachers!

Do I need to find a mentor?

Upon acceptance into the program, the TCP Coordinator will set you up with a mentor. You can request a specific mentor though that person may not be available.

What should I expect out of mentorship in CEA/MNY?

Mentors are available to students for general guidance and to answer questions about the material and the program. Mentors are not paid to mentor students. Students should see their mentors as advisors who are willing and able to support them in their certification process. The program is entirely self-motivated and it is up to the students to direct and manage their own progress.


What is the cost of the program?

There’s not one straight fee for certification. It’s the sum of various costs:

There are thirteen workshops ($100 each for members), a $35 application fee, and a $225 two-year TCP membership fee. You may have to pay a fee in order to audit and co-teach a childbirth series (part of certification), however this is set by the instructor whose course you select. The grand total comes to somewhere in the region of $1,500.

What kind of careers can this certification help me with?

Childbirth education, labor support in any capacity (doula, nurse, midwife, obstetrician) postpartum support, newborn and breastfeeding instruction and education, lactation support. The program is also beneficial to those working in public health especially when pregnancy and family planning is involved and various careers in reproductive health.

What will my credential be, once certified?

Certified Cooperative Childbirth Educator or CCCE.

What if I miss a workshop?

You have to make it up the following year.

Who runs CEA/MNY?

CEA/MNY is a non-profit, volunteer organization made up of teachers, students and advocates. CEA/MNY is operated by a Board of Directors. Board positions are assigned through an election process. Board members are CEA-certified educators. There are several positions open to TCPs and appointed by CEA/MNY board members. If you are interested in participating contact