About our Program

CEA/MNY is proud to offer a Teacher Certification Program (TCP), a uniquely well-rounded, nationally-recognized course that produces instructors who are engaged, informed, and passionate about enriching and improving the experiences of birthing women and their families.

The TCP is a rigorous, part-time program that takes between one and two years to complete. Students work at their own pace with the guidance of a CEA/MNY mentor. Attendance of all CEA/MNY workshops is required for certification--these day-long workshops are held once a month between September and June of each year. You may begin taking CEA/MNY workshops before applying to the program. Any workshops taken in the six months prior to submitting your application will be counted towards certification. Other requirements for certification include touring hospitals and observing births, attending breastfeeding groups and childbirth classes. There is a comprehensive reading list and take-home exam.

Rather than promoting particular methods of giving birth, CEA/MNY instruction provides information on anatomy and physiology of pregnancy, labor and birth, nutrition, obstetric procedures and drugs, as well as breastfeeding and newborn care. CEA/MNY supports childbirth as a normal, natural, physiological process and encourages women to recognize their innate ability to cope with the unique challenges of childbirth.

Upon completion of the program, you will be a Certified Cooperative Childbirth Educator, (CCCE) qualified to work in a variety of settings including  education centers, hospitals, birth centers or privately.  Some graduates use their certification in conjunction with other advanced degrees, such as midwifery, nutrition, or public health.