TCPerspective- Spring 2014

Each quarter, we feature a post from one of our Teacher Certification Program (TCP) students. Coming from a variety of backgrounds, life experience and specializations, CEA/MNY is proud to be educating these bright and enthusiastic women as future CCCEs. 

As a doula and midwife assistant, I came to understand the importance of the mind body connection in birth. Where there is fear, there is tightness and where there is trust and confidence, there is the ability to release.  This is true with birth as with any other of life’s transitions. It was the passion to explore how to decrease fear and increase self-knowledge and ownership of birth choices and psychophysiologic experiences that lead me to the CEA/MNY TCP program. Becoming a childbirth educator to me means learning not only the most recent evidence-based care and to be able to convey this effectively to a family anticipating birth, but also to understand the feelings, emotions, and weight of the birth experience for a woman and her partner and to find the best ways to support their path.

CEA/MNY’s cooperative childbirth education program bridges this gap in understanding by offering dynamic courses for both families and educators that meets people where they are, supports them in their birth preferences, while also opening the door to the discussion of pros and cons of various choices for birth. This program has taught me how to not only be an effective childbirth educator who is aware of the mind body connection and the ways to use this effectively in birth, but also how to be a better human – able to relate to women, partners, babies and one another in a scope of cooperation, trust, encouragement and acceptance.

– Hannah Haehn, MA, CD(DONA), TCP Student cea/mny, childbirth education association of metropolitan new york, hannah haehn