The Extra “C” is for Cooperative

The redesign of our website over the summer led to a little soul-searching for CEA/MNY. A lot of our revamp decision-making related to streamlining operations but we were also given the opportunity to think about our identity as an organization. And what came up? Lots of things, among them, the concept of cooperative childbirth education. This term was originally coined to describe our philosophy but over the years it had gotten a little lost. The board decided to revive the use of this designation.

You’ll notice that all of our teachers are listed as CCCEs (certified cooperative childbirth educators). This helps set us apart from other childbirth education models and draws attention back to our core values. But what is exactly is cooperative childbirth education?

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Pelvic Floor Workshop- October 20th

Announcing CEA/MNY’s Pelvic Floor Workshop with Lara Kohn Thompson
Discounted for all members of CEA/MNY! 

When: Sunday, October 20, 1-5pm
Where: Lila Yoga, Dharma & Wellness, 302 Bowery #2, New York City

In France, physical therapy for the pelvic floor is the standard of care for every mom who has given birth. Here, women have to fend for themselves. Women with problems are too often ignored and told “they’ll go away” in time, which may not be the case. As a childbirth educator, you will frequently be asked about pelvic floor tone and postpartum exercises. Are kegels the only thing we can do? Should we even do them? Can we really do too many? Women will tell you they were told to do abdominal exercises… and told to avoid abdominal exercises. What’s the deal?

CEA/MNY’s Pelvic Floor Workshop with Lara Kohn Thompson answers these questions.

Lara is the go-to resource for pelvic floor questions. You’ll learn what to do, what to avoid and advice to give students and clients that can last them a lifetime. To learn more about Lara’s extensive training, please visit her website.

Sign up now and get a special discount for members only!

CEA/MNY members receive the discounted rate of $50 ($80 for non-members) Become a member to enjoy discounts like this and more!

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CEA/MNY’s New Look

As you may have noticed, we have this fantastic new website!

The revamp was spearheaded by one of our current Teacher Certification Program students, Samantha Hillstrom.

Samantha writes, “CEA/MNY is proudly displaying a logo specifically designed to embody the various dimensions of the organization. The board, along with our communications committee and designer, Martina Fugazzotto, conceptualized this new logo from start to finish. Additionally, we felt it was important to create a tagline that truly represented everything we stand for: ‘Evidence-based. Family-centered. Women-designed.'”

Samantha Hillstrom and Martina Fugazzotto

Samantha Hillstrom and Martina Fugazzotto

On behalf of the board, I’d like to say to Samantha: We are so grateful for you hard work on this website and all the expertise you brought to the project, including the recommendation that we work with the excellent web designer, Martina! A huge thanks to both of you and all the other board members and students who contributed their time and effort this summer.

CEA/MNY will be using this blog in a few different ways:

  • To post news and information about CEA/MNY’s events, workshops and work in the community.
  • For our teachers and students to publish short papers or posts on topics relevant to childbirth education.
  • To share profiles and/or interviews with CEA/MNY members and workshop leaders.

If you would like to submit a post or have an idea for something to add to our blog, please email info at

– Ceridwen Morris
Secretary, CEA/MNY

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