History of CEA/MNY

The Childbirth Education Association of Metropolitan New York (CEA/MNY) is an organization of childbirth educators and advocates committed to family-centered maternity care. Established in 1972, CEA/MNY offers a wide variety of professional seminars and workshops as well as public education on evidence-based best practices in maternity care.

Gayatri Martin, Ellen Chuse and Barbara SchofieldGayatri Martin, Ellen Chuse and Barbara Schofield, former CEA/MNY Board Members, at an event in the early 90's

CEA/MNY offers a comprehensive Teacher Certification Program in Cooperative Childbirth Education. Cooperative childbirth classes teach pregnant women and partners information on anatomy and physiology of pregnancy, labor and birth, natural methods to cope with labor, nutrition, obstetric procedures and drugs, as well as breastfeeding and newborn care. CCE supports childbirth as a normal, natural, physiological process and encourages women to recognize their ability to cope successfully with the challenges of labor and birth. CCE's first priority is a concern for maternal and infant health-- instruction focuses on issues surrounding childbirth rather than promoting particular methods of giving birth.

Joan KingCEA/MNY Lifetime Member, Joan King, at a workshop in 1992.

Doris Haire and Dorothea Lange, internationally known consumer advocates in the field of childbearing, founded CEA/MNY in 1972. CEA/MNY is a volunteer organization and welcomes participation from all interested members of the community.