A message to the CEA/MNY community on COVID-19 Coronavirus

Childbirth Educators have a critical role to play helping parents navigate the birth environment during the COVID-19 pandemic. For parents who may find themselves giving birth without the physical presence of a partner or support person, being informed and having a communication plan is essential for a safe and empowering birth.

COVID-19 Guidance for Hospital Operators Regarding Visitation Updated Guidance regarding Obstetrical and Pediatric Settings

The CEA community is here for you. We are working on providing more resources for remote childbirth education classes and are planning virtual support groups for our members and community. CEA/MNY instructors are working tirelessly to support birthing families remotely, contributing to the broader conversation among perinatal professionals on pivoting to virtual support as we all learn to navigate through uncertain times.

With the goal of providing consistent, high quality offerings, we are suspending the rest of our workshop season in order to resume in person sessions once restrictions have been lifted. In the meantime, we look forward to connecting with you virtually.

For those of you currently enrolled in the CEA/MNY Teacher Training Program, please stay tuned for an announcement about program extensions.

Stay strong and healthy everyone!